“Do you find it hard to share your faith? Is it difficult to believe in God, or practice your faith, when contemporary society maintains He doesn’t exist? Are you living with the joy that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? After walking away from her Catholic faith, Carol Kelso tells the story of her journey back to God; how He took her from a business career into the care sector, and a ministry of Christian writing and radio presenting. She shares openly and honestly about learning to practice and share her faith - journeying from a place of brokenness to healing, transformation and joy.In a warm and conversational style, Carol shares the challenges she faces in a world often hostile towards believers, and how she faces these challenges. An inspirational and encouraging read that celebrates the Truth to be found in Jesus Christ, and how the greatness He brings can enable each of us to lead no ordinary life”. 

No Ordinary Life, by Carol J Kelso

  • My name is Carol J. Kelso and I am an Irish Catholic from Dublin’s fair city. I’m a Christian author, blogger and radio presenter and my passion and aim in life is to share the power of Gospel message and the role it plays in our daily lives.