De Rosa Barn Owl. Statement piece Limited Edition. Hand carved and handpainted, the very highest quality. The distinctive and much loved Barn Owl is a nocturnal feature of the British countryside. This magnificent piece from De Rosa features the classic heart-shaped face of this bird with delicate feather-like carving to further enhance her features. Large, forward facing black eyes draw you towards this stunning piece, which stands at over 30cm tall, allowing the free-flowing carved pattern on the wings and body to be fully appreciated. The classic buff colouring of the Barn Owl is highlighted in platinum and pure white. This edition is limited to only 400 pieces worldwide, so is sure to be highly prized by De Rosa collectors.De Rosa create unique pieces, whereby each moulded figurine is hand-carved and painted before it is finished in gold and platinum. Dimensions: 200x140x300mm.

De Rosa Barn Owl Limited Edition

  • De Rosa’s exclusive collection of limited editions comprises spectacular hand painted and hand carved ceramic sculptures of the very highest level of craftsmanship and design.

    Each piece is a unique work of art, meticulously handcrafted by selected artisans.

    Issued in a very exclusive Limited Edition, this piece is supplied gift boxed, with a special numbered certificate signed by our artist and its corresponding number hand carved or hand painted at the base.