Counting Crows - Demons, Ravens & Rooks

Shakespeare's identity revealed - Conspiracy Horror

Professor Toby Hudson is not interested in conspiracy theories. He couldn't care less who wrote the plays of William Shakespeare, or who translated the King James Bible, or what goes on in remote farmhouses late at night on the wilds of Dartmoor. He's tired, and he wants to get home.

If only life were that simple.

The events retold in this book will reveal more than just the story of Professor Hudson, or even the identity of Shakespeare. They will point to a world of demons, and consequences, and shocking revelations.

The locations are as real as the truth itself... from the villages and tors of southwest England, to the pilgrim tracks of the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain.

"Counting Crows - demons, ravens & rooks" is more than just a tale of conspiracy horror. It is an account of spiritual warfare, and the perpetual struggles which imprison so many.